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Touch Community Services. Human Touch. Singapura. 2022

Parece-me que estou a ficar senil, mas não resisto a repetir: manifesta-se impressionante como o ser humano tem de recorrer à mediação do não-humano (animais, animações, objetos) para expressar, significar, o humano.

Singaporean charity TOUCH Community Services has released a heart-warming film about the power of the human touch, produced by BBH Singapore. / The ‘touching’ film is set in the future and tells the story of Alfie, a robot assistant, who learns about the human touch from the family and community it interacts with. / Accompanied by an acoustic arrangement of the classic hit, Human, written by The Killers, the campaign film embodies TOUCH’s commitment to inspire hope and transform lives through the power of human connection, both in the present and the future (Ads of the World, The Human Touch: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/campaigns/the-human-touch, acedido em 11.10.2022).

Anunciante: Touch Community Services. Título: Alfie / The Human Touch. Agência: BBH Singapore. Direção: Roslee Yusof. Singapura, outubro 2022.

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