Magia: A Fisioterapia e a Vida

O anúncio “Caring Makes Magic”, do Centro Médico Montefiore, de Nova Iorque, sensibiliza. Convoca duas histórias, que acabam por se cruzar no final de uma forma desconcertante mas eloquente, com protagonistas que vivem em dois mundos, sem se saber qual o mais real e o mais fantástico.

Physical therapy is often a slow process, but the rewards are powerful. In this year’s holiday spot, Montefiore Einstein shows the recovery of a toy store owner, how it impacts his life and many others – real and imagined.
Dual plotlines depict the sleepless nights and pain that a store owner has to endure, juxtaposed against characters atrophying in a holiday display within the man’s toy shop window. One boy complains: “My skates don’t work.” A vendor says there are “No cookies. No nothing.” Without the store owner, they are lost.
After pushing himself to recover and bonding with his physical therapist, we see our hero running up the stairs and, soon, back at his store. There, he brings the village back to life. Soon skates and sleds work. The fire at the roasted chestnuts stand ignites. Even the chestnut vendor’s hair grows back (…)
We see the store owner happily driving the train through his toy village and find the boy who had lived in the display suddenly outside the store window. Sound confusing? It kind of is, but it certainly gives us something to think about and a reason to watch again.
In the end, the key message – that “caring makes magic” – is driven home quite poetically (Kenneth Hein. Nearly three minutes of holiday delight offer dual story lines and one important message. The Drum:

Anunciante: The Montefiore Medical Center (New York). Título: A Holiday Village Discovers That Caring Makes Magic. Agência: Alto/Brooklyn. Direção: Frederik Bond. Estados-Unidos, dezembro 2022.

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  1. Sara Correia says :

    Boa noite! Quase deitei uma lágrima pelo canto do olho. O trabalho traz-nos algumas tristezas, mas sem dúvida que os ganhos superam tudo.

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