Momento de felicidade. “já me lembrei, já me esqueci”

Mimi Foundation

A epifania é um sobressalto inesperado que abala o entendimento. Pode mudar uma vida. Estas erupções limitam-se ao entendimento? Não há relâmpagos sentimentais? Não há momentos de felicidade? Por um instante, da “chuva dissolvente” podem desprender-se gotas de contentamento. Salpicos que orvalham a vida. E a alma dança! O anúncio mostra que, apesar dos obstáculos, merecemos ser felizes. O anúncio da Mimi Foundation cumpre a promessa. Mas é um filme, naturalmente, construído. Pode não ser real, mas tem um efeito de realidade, porventura, mais real do que a realidade. Este anúncio conquistou nove leões no Festival de Cannes de 2014: um leão de ouro e oito, de prata. Uma proeza!

Anunciante: Mimi Foundation. Título: If only for a second. Agência: Leo Burnett Paris. França, Dezembro 2013.

After nearly 16 million hits on YouTube, “If only for a second” has won the hearts not only of the general public but also of the International Creativity Festival. With its nine awards (1 Golden Lion and 8 Silver Lions), our video short has turned out to be one of the most award-winning communications in the world.

The sincerity and the rightness of this campaign conceived and donated by the Leo Burnett France communications agency highlights the mission of our Foundation, which is to improve the wellbeing of patients suffering from cancer.

A project borne of a unique concept
Twenty cancer patients were invited into a studio where they had their hair styled and were made up without being able to see what was being done to them. Then they were presented with the result in front of a two-way mirror behind which, camera in hand, sat photographer Vincent Dixon. His task was to capture for eternity the moment of surprise. Why? To enable patients, if only for a second, to forget their illness and enjoy a care-free moment. Out of it has come a magnificent art book sold to raise funds for the Foundation and a moving video which has won numerous awards at the most prestigious international festivals (D&AD, Andy Award, One Show, New York Festival, …), “If only for a second” is rated among the best communication campaigns in the world. (

Xutos& Pontapés. Chuva Dissolvente.

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