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Russian LGBT Network. Título We Will Become Better. 2020

Bem concebido, com imagem, música e “coreografia” notáveis, o extenso (5:40) anúncio holandês We Will Become Beter, para a Rede LGBT Russa (Russian LGBT Network), em que dois homens propendem a aproximar-se sem, contudo, conseguir alcançar-se, obteve o prémio Golden Drum.

“In July 2020, Vladimir Putin changed the Russian constitution to ban same-sex marriage with an amendment that explicitly defines marriage as between a man and woman. It has encouraged a wave of hate crimes including beatings, rape and torture that continue to this day. One year on from the constitutional change, we released a film to challenge these offensive portrayals of same-sex relationship with a simple message: ‘Love is everyone’s right’. By making and releasing the film we took the risk of essentially breaking the Gay Propaganda law. This is the first Russian LGBTQIA+ film in years that actually portrays a gay relationship and the country’s first anti-homophobic project” (Russian LGBT Network).

Anunciante: Russian LGBT Network. Título: We Will Become Better. Agência: Voskhod (Yekaterinburg). Produção: Daddy’s Film Production. Música: Sansara Band. Países Baixos, julho 2020.

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