National-Centre-for-Domestic-Violence-SpotEste anúncio, de raro impacto, associa o som de um relato de futebol à imagem de uma mulher atemorizada. Os casos de violência doméstica aumentam quando a Inglaterra joga num Campeonato do Mundo. Sobretudo quando perde, mas também quando ganha. Vários estudos corroboram estas tendências.

Anunciante: National Centre for Domestic Violence. Título: England Match Final Minutes. Agência: Jwt London. UK, Junho 2014.

Police are issuing personal warnings to men and women with a record of domestic violence in the runup to England’s first World Cup game, acting on evidence that abuse against wives, girlfriends and partners spikes dramatically in the aftermath of matches – whether the team wins or loses.
The most detailed research into the links between the football World Cup and domestic abuse rates has revealed that in one force area in England and Wales, violent incidents increased by 38% when England lost – but also rose by 26% when they won.
The research, by Lancaster University criminologist Dr Stuart Kirby, a former police officer, monitored police reports of domestic violence during the last three World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010.
While domestic violence rose after each England game, incidents also increased in frequency at each new tournament, raising fears that the forthcoming competition in Brazil – where England’s first game is against Italy on Saturday 14 June – could see the highest ever World Cup-related rises in domestic violence across the UK.
Separate national research examining the 2010 World Cup echoed the Kirby findings – with domestic abuse reports up 27.7% when the England team won a game, and 31.5% when they lost.
(The Guardian, de 8 de Junho:

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