Sensibilidade humana

marie curieO artigo anterior abordava a sensibilidade da máquina. Com este anúncio, a Marie Curie Cancer Care mergulha-nos na sensibilidade do ser humano. Há anúncios e anúncios, assuntos e assuntos, olhares e olhares. Este convoca uma sensibilidade extrema: “Your last moments should mean as much as your first”.

“Marie Curie’s main fundraising event, the ‘Great Daffodil Appeal’ takes place in March and involves collectors standing on the streets, giving out daffodils in exchange for a donation. The charity provides free nursing care to people with terminal illnesses and vital support for loved ones, allowing people to spend quality time with their families in their final days. DLKW Lowe, London’s idea was to juxtapose the first and last moments of life to show that the final moments of someoneâs life should be filled with experiences that are just as important and poignant as the moments that define the start of it. Birthdays, kisses and words were used to depict these symmetrical moments in life, providing a compelling case to support the charity’s worthwhile work.” (DLKWLowe).

Anunciante: Marie Curie Cancer Care. Título : Simmetry. Agência :  DLKW Lowe, London. Direção: Tom Tagholm. Reino Unido, Fevereiro 2013.

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