Que as palavras são performativas (J.L. Austin) e alimentam predições criadoras (W.I. Thomas), já se sabe. Que aqueles que nelas acreditam são os mais vulneráveis, também.  É o que recorda este anúncio da campanha “Children believe what they are told”, promovida pela ISPCC, instituição irlandesa responsável por uma Linha Criança.

Anunciante: ISPCC. Título: Stupid little bitch. Agência: Ogilvy. Direção: Kieron J. Walsh. Irlanda, Setembro 2012.

CEO Ashley Balbirnie; “Emotional abuse undermines confidence and self-worth and can have a detrimental impact on a child. To highlight this, the ISPCC have launched the ‘Children believe what they are told’ campaign. Following on from our Anti-Bullying Week, and the reaction to this from schools, parents and young people nationwide, we know that words can leave deep scars that can have a lasting negative impact on children’s self –esteem.”

As part of our campaign, with the help of our great supporters Ogilvy, we have produced an online video and TV ad which stresses the serious issue of emotional abuse suffered by children in Ireland every single day, whether it is in their family home or the school yard. The girl in our video encompasses the many stories we hear from children every day, children who experience feelings of worthlessness, who feel unloved and feel they do not deserve to be happy. The print ads reflect the words used towards children. Words that are harmful to self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, words that should never be spoken to any child.” (

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