Émile Durkheim

Na Irlanda, os suicídios não interessam a ninguém, as pessoas não querem falar nisso. Receiam que uma simples menção no jornal inspire mais dez mortes similares. É uma epidemia silenciosa. Cada geração tem o seu tabú (Dermot Bolger, A Second Life, 1994).

Esta curta-metragem espanhola, dedicada ao suicídio, intitula-se Émile em homenagem ao sociólogo Émile Durkheim (O suicídio, 1897). “Um assunto espinhoso e tabú”. O vídeo convoca uma crença várias vezes abordada no Tendências do Imaginário: no momento da morte, o moribundo revê num instante toda a sua vida. Mas, pelos vistos, o suicídio não é uma porta, não é uma promessa. Segue a nota de informação que acompanha o anúncio:

Émile (the name of the campaign is a tribute to Émile Durkheim, a pioneer in social research with his work: “Le suicide”) is a campaign to show people who are thinking about killing themselves that it is worth living. It is a campaign that makes people reflect. And he does it through a content, a short film that tells a story that deals with two fundamental themes through the main character. The first is his situation: he lives in Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world, in a luxury house, with a great car, because he has succeeded in his career, but still he is not happy and wants to commit suicide. The second is his age, with more than 40 years, it may seem that his life is no longer able to change. But it can, it can always. And that is the importance of the message, on the one hand it shows you that there is always time for things to change and improve. On the other hand that although from outside it is not understood many people who do not expect it, maybe thinking about commit suicide and you have to realize. And all this is done in a different way, speaking of what is usually said that before we die, you see your life before your eyes like flashes, but if you commit suicide, everything is different. A message of hope on a hard and taboo subject (

Título: Émile. Agência: Jorge M. Rodrigo Ad Studio, Sevilla, Spain. Realizador: Jorge M. Rodrigo. Espanha, Setembro 2019.

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