A internet e a Revolução

France 24. The Birds.Um pensamento sério, com expressão feliz. Este anúncio com toque surrealista, à Giorgio de Chirico, lembra Os Pássaros, de Alfred Hitchcock, e, sobretudo, Le Roi et l’Oiseau, de Paul Grimault. Descoloridas e gelatinosas, as figuras do poder assemelham-se a peças de um jogo de xadrez subvertido pelas asas da internet. A agência Marcel Paris explica:

“We all know the role of social networks and Internet in spreading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.Social networks are now an essential source of information, as evidenced by the results obtained by France24, the French international news channel that broadcasts in three languages (French, English and Arabic).
It’s mainly the Arabic language version that broke all audience records during this period. But the channel as a whole has benefited from an increase in audience : in March 2011, france24.com experienced a peak in traffic with nearly 14 million visits and about 59 million page views.
The channel has also been very successful on Twitter thanks to its intense coverage of the Arab Spring, with a large amount of tweets dedicated to the topic, which enabled the channel to quintuple the number of followers of its Twitter account since the beginning of the year.
Based on these exceptional results, France24 and its agency Marcel have decided to highlight the link between freedom of information and freedom of expression on Internet”.

Marca: France 24. Título: The Birds. Agência: Marcel Paris. Direção: Philippe Grammaticopoulos. França, 2011.

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