O Pão e o Céu

Gosto do trabalho do Bruno Aveillan, mesmo quando ele deixa a câmara aparentemente pasmada. Sobre este vídeo, escreve Marcos Lutyens: “Contrasting with the drawings of Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities series of falling yuppies from the late 80’s, a kind of ode to post-modernist auto-destruction, Aveillan’s film embraces a different world, one that explores our relationship between terrestrial nourishment and the sublime world above. There is a somewhat Surrealist feeling to the suspended figures in this film more akin to Francesca Woodman’s photograph On Being an Angel or Marc Chagall’s Der Spaziegang, both of which have an ethereal quality shared in Aveillan’s photography as much as in his film work. And yet there is more than a surrealist dimension present as Aveillan allows us to savour the moment of parabolic suspension far more elegantly than in Philippe Halsman’s manic image of Dali suspended in mid air with a cat and a frozen splash of water. The natural setting of the film reflects a recurring motif running through Western culture: that of wheat and its relationship to the sky. There is a continuous quest or expectation for nourishment at the intersection of the terrestrial plane and the spiritual one above. “ (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150274061999108).

Bruno Aveillan, W.H.E.A.T., 2008.

Bruno Aveillan, W.H.E.A.T., 2008.


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