quit-victoria-last-dance-600-22630Cada vez me convenço mais de que isto do tabaco é mesmo uma questão de sanidade.
“Last Dance features a family who is coming to terms with the tragic consequences of not quitting smoking, in this instance the father of the family is in the latter stages of terminal cancer. Set to an acoustically re-imagined version of ‘Que Sera Sera’, we watch as the father and his wife partake in a last dance together; a poignant and emotionally charged act, which is quietly and painfully observed by his young son. The commercial offers hope to all smokers by subverting the song’s key lyric into an end-line: What will be, doesn’t have to be”.

Anunciante: Quit Victoria. Título: Last Dance. Agência: JWT Melbourne. Direção: Luci Shroder. Austrália, Maio 2013.


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